Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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5 Problems with Literature

Everyone loves literature. Imagine if the world without literature. How if Shakespeare was a dentist? Or Leo Tolstoy plays rope like Houdini? Or, can you imagine that J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer play tennis? It would be boring. So, let's say agree that literature gives our live more color, tastes, emotion, passion, anger, or imagination. But, I also agree that literature can't be enjoyed by all people, such as Octopus, as he said to Peter Parker that poetry is more complicated than scientific things. We have several problems here with literature, you are free to disagree. And here the list;

Literature is wide. Novels, epic, or poetry are some kinds of literature. This is first problem related to literature. Girls mostly love to poetic words. When boys can compose poetic words spontaneous in front of girls, trust me they will fly. But, for some girls, poetic words indicate that a man is a player. So? You decide this.


"O my Luve is like a red, red rose
   That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve is like the melody
   That’s sweetly played in tune.
(A Red, Red Rose - Robert Burns)

Like or not, the fact is older language, almost all languages in this world is better than modern language. And it seems that modern people are feel difficult to arrange poetic words. Rhyme, metaphor, or something. It may only rap song that still have rhyme on the lyrics, but it does not have the poetic or beautiful things. It contains only violence, racism, or even sex and drugs. And it is weird how modern people are like to listening rap song than reading Beowulf.

This point have relation with before. Rhyme or rhythm or metaphor etc. Young modern people - better we say teenagers - prefer to learn about technology. They want to be the next Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg. Just a few teenagers that want to be the next Shakespeare or Karl May. Even tough, literature is not as difficult as they think. But, that's the stereotype.

Actually this point have several sub-points. Why literature students are special person? First, language class is not as popular as scientific class or technology class. What can literature students do besides arranging words? Students who join scientific and technology class is building robot. So, a person that in literature class must be through the deep thinking before they decide that. In other words, literature students are deep thinker, love of something from the heart not only following trends. It is indicating that literature students are also good couple. Trust me.

Secondly, literature person is calm, easy going, but still serious. They will not give big attention about what they wear. As long as jeans, flanel shirt, sneakers are comfortable, they will wear it all of time. Never give big attention also about people's opinion about their clothes. And they are serious people! For you scientific students, can you explain what William Butler Yeats means on his poetry "The Song of Wandering Aengus?" Never heard about word "aengus" before? Poor you. 

Third, literature students are flexible. I mean, they can be author, writer, journalist, or even tour guides. They can be many things in the future after they are graduate. Marketing? That's not too difficult for literature students. With the language ability, they can attract new customers. So??

I still have some for this point but I will save it for later.

If you read or watch "Game of Thrones", you will find a character named Tyrion Lannister, a hobbit - not real hobbit, you know what I mean. Small but have sharp tongue. Words are deadliest weapon. If you learn about history of the world, most of great war were happen just because the conspiracy from the inside of the kingdom. Conspiracy is using only the words. 

Nah, those are five problems with literature. If you think that the word "problems" means negative word, maybe you are scientific or technology students. In fact, literature-students can see that certain words can be both negative and positive meaning.


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