Monday, September 14, 2015

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8 Top Blogging Communities for Better Web Traffic

I know, people build a web (or blog) is to get attention from people. In the blogging world, this attention may be called as traffic. More traffic is better, and for some more traffic means more cash. But the problem is, there are many great web out there with tons of traffic everyday, and our web (or blog) whatever your efforts, there just few readers every day. It is annoying, I know. Because I also experienced this also. SEO, keywords, blogwalking, and many things. You need to learn those all for your web (or blog) then keep praying for your luck.

But, if you are a good writer but not good at SEO or something, the best way to promote you web (or blog) is join the blogging community. Sure, there are many advantages to join the blogging community, and one of them is many people will recognize you. And also your blog. Through the blogging community, you can also interact with another blogger and writer around the world, receive good advice to increase your writing ability. You will also know about the trends out there for your resource to write for your web (or blog).

Another benefits to join the blogging community:
  • It helps your web (or blog) reach better pagerank.
  • You will find many interesting topics, issues, and or ideas to write on your web (or blog).
  • You will interact with many kinds of writers and bloggers, learn their writing styles, adopt their style, combine, and applied it into a new style of yours. This will be helpful.
  • By sharing your post to blogging community, you will get more visitors to your web (or blog).
Here are the best blogging communities for you to join to get more traffic for your web (or blog). You can learn on the community. You don't need to join to all of these communities, just find the best for you, and be ready if your blog is quite interesting, you will get more visitors on your web (or blog).

BlogEngage is the first on this list, because many bloggers are join this community and agree that BlogEngage is the best blogging community out there, in whole world. With about 4000 active members join this community, this is a good place to build new relationship with another bloggers, learn from them, and gain traffic. This community is interesting because of many features inside, including groups, chatrooms, private message, and many more. To join this community, visit

Since this blogging community be founded in 2012, this community reaches high popularity quickly. This community grows into big community as this group have good marketing for the web (or blog). Kingged also has many features to ease the members to get many visitors, such as product marketing, private chat, social bookmarking, and many more. To join this group just simply register straight to the web, and it still free for now. Interestingly, you can earn cash for being Kingged member.To join this community, simply come to

Jane Sheba is behind this community. Like other blogging communities above, DoSplash is one of the best blog communities to get more traffic, visitors, readers, promotions, and also backlinks. You can also learn about another writer's style. Visit to join the community.

This is another blogging community with large members because many bloggers around the world join this community. With the huge members, it is possible to get better rank because most good articles here are the #1 on Google Search. Awesome, right? To join this community, simply visit

Blokube also becomes the choice of many bloggers to promote their web (or blog) because this community is one of the biggest. Overall features are similar with the first list, so this is simple. To join this community, visit

From its name, this community is special for WordPress users, but also welcome another platforms. If you are WordPress users, join this community is not a bad idea. Here, you can connect with another WordPress users around the world, because this community offers good result for your WordPress web. Visit for more information, or to join.

Similar like BizSugar, Inbound blogging community will placed your article on the homepage it your article receives many votes from another members. To join the community, go

Klinkk is the youngest blogging community in this list. The difference between another blogging communities is that this community is simpler than others. To join the community founded by Erik Emmanuel you can go to

Those are some blogging communities that you can join with. Just choose one that fit with your style, or if you have much time, you can go along with all communities. 


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