Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Doing Technologies the Right Way

Again, technology will never be boring for discussion. Human progress on developing technology is rapidly fast. But, is that a right way? Technology thrives in various sectors but military seems become fastest sector related to technology. Nuclear, laser cannon, tanks, guns, etc. Almost all countries develop various weapons to create strongest military in whole world. Tough, in some cases technology still can not defeat nature. And basically human is technology, most complicated technology even no one can solve how human brain works. Can Stephen Hawking explain, what actually happen with brain while human is asleep? 
Mostly, technology gives more negatives than positives. Recent research from ELDI, or Economic of Land Degradation Initiative finds that earth is dying, truly dying now. And human is cause. Nuclear test, war, uncontrolled mining, etc. All those activities are using technology. Oil mining in middle of ocean. Simple example about human attitude; Avatar movie. That's perfect satire that human basically is a destroyer just to get what they want. Burn trees. Kill habitats inside. Now, human is exploring space to find something.

But human can do something for minimizing effect of technology, especially bad effect. But surely, in this modern era human can not live without technology, but what can human do is minimizing its usage. Technology is important but healthy environment is more important. Can you imagine that someday future generation ask about Bengal Tiger, but we can not show them because of  extinction? Tragic. So, doing technologies right way is more important.

This is just a reminder, how technologies can help and also destroy. But biggest mistake is if you are not reading this article. I mean, haha yea, this is just a feeling about technologies, because many things have changed almost in all parts of life because of technologies. Smartphones, computers, communications, transportation, etc. And I just noticed that there are no "the" in this article, except that one. 

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