Thursday, September 10, 2015

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How Jennifer Eve Brings Sexy Back

I am sure that just few people know about this beautiful girl name Jennifer Eve. Sure, she's not as famous as another Jennifer that people know, such as Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Lawrence, but after reading this article, maybe you wanna search more about this beautiful girl. People may think that Jennifer Eve is a Korean, which is absolutely wrong. This girl is the main figure on Mc-Donalds advertisement. About the ads, the concept is adopting Korean style.
As this is still unknown girl for larger community, Jennifer Eve have her own style that can be described as sexy. This girl needs no dance with bikinis, or wearing mini pants, or most Miley Cyrus do to get people's attention. With all her simplicity, Jennifer Eve is able to attract everyone to stare at her. Don't you believe? Check this list about Jennifer Eve:

Actually, Jennifer Eve is Indonesian girl. She's traveler. As she said about this hobby, Jennifer Eve loves to travel to historical place. So, you won't be disappointed about her knowledge. Traveler also be autonomous. Besides the historical places, she also loves to see the natural landscape and also culinary tour. Interesting, right? What's your hobby, Miley?

This point is about taste, and each people is different about taste, but a girl with shirt, jeans, sneakers with the straggling hair, walking in the sidewalk, or running in the meadow, can you imagine the better? Okay, let's say a girl with dress and high heels can attract men to look at her, but maybe she will panic if there are dust in their dress or skin. Different with tomboy girl, she don't care about dust, and she still looks beautiful. Then imagine when tomboy girl turns into real girl. You will be shocked, bro!
Those are the things that you need to know about how Jennifer Eve brings sexy back. Most men agree that Rihanna or Shakira are sexy, but she have to show their bodies, they have to dance with mini dress to make men watch them. But this girl, once again, will get people's attention just with her smiles and character. I think character is most important for everyone.
I have some of her photos from her Instagram. You can check it later, but don't be shocked because those photos are stunning. This girl absolutely brings the true sexy back. Curious of her? Yes, I know. This is her Instagram account @jnnfreve.


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