Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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How to be Unpopular in the Travel World

Travelling is now become a very popular among people. Even this activity turns into a new trend, and almost turns to be a lifestyle. Backpacker, or something, comes as the branch of travelling. Is the traveling activity is such important for modern people? Or just an escape for the very busy time or working time, so certain people needs to go to somewhere to forget their work for a while? As this lifestyle is growing, some of you maybe become popular in this travel world. But, I know that certain people still want to be unpopular in many scenes, including the travel world. Then, how to be unpopular in the travel world?
How to be unpopular? It's easy, especially for them who have bad experience in high school. High school is not like what people think. This is a place that almost similar like Masai Mara in Africa; there is no place for the weak. Bullying, fighting, conflict, conspiracy, are the familiar things among high school students, especially senior high school students. In certain countries, the bullying is even more worst. Just small example, in Japan, September 1st is the first day of school activity, and commonly, we will happy for that. But, for certain people, that day is a nightmare. And in Japan, many students commit suicide at that day, September 1st. Why? Because you are unpopular and become easy target to be bullied.
In travel world, frightening experiences are too much. In the land of mountain, a place that located in Hindia Ocean, where mountain is spread in almost all the islands, too many bad experiences there. Lost in the deep forest, or fall down in the valley, or something else, are like breakfast. Not only for walking travelers, or backpackers but also travelers with vehicles. This can be factor why traveling for some reasons are dangerous. But, human always challenge their limit and like for facing the dangerous.
The word "travel" (is a verb) based on Oxford Dictionary means (1) to go from one place to another, especially over a long distance, or (2) to go or move at a particular speed, in a particular direction, or a particular distance, etc. So, here, travels or travelling activity is about mobility, move from certain place to another place. And it can be said that the travelling activity is a physical activity. But, think spiritual aspect, bro.

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Most of modern people think that spiritual is same as religion. That's why they don't want to think about that, moreover talk about that. Religion is private. Sure, I agree of that statement. But when we talk about spiritual, it's not a religion anyway. Again, I quote this from Oxford Dictionary, that spiritual means "Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things." While the word religion means "The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods."
Human have conflict inside their soul, mostly in certain ages. When a children slowly turns into teenager, the mind and the point of view about many things will also growing, not only in visible things but also invisible things. Invisible doesn't mean nothing. Many invisible things out there but they are exist. Right?

So, maybe I will say that travel activity here will be a process to the maturity. Human will pass four levels related to their spiritual process. First, when human beings are born. Second, a time before human get married. Third is when they become parents. And the last, a time before they pass away. Can you feel a conflict inside you head and heart? That's the process. Then, what do you do? Heart never lies, but most human just keep silence. Listen to your heart.


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