Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Ideas You Can Steal from K-Pop

This is funny. This is like fever. With all its glamour, K-Pop turns into a new trend in music style. It creates its own scene; but the big idea is the same: beautiful boys and girls. Ups, appealing boys and girls. Without a doubt, the K-Pop members are attractive. Some even are seductive. Thanks to the medical technology in Korea which is able to change someone into more attractive one. But, are we talk about this? Eermm..I think for several people, K-Pop is not interesting, but the fans, yes they are. But we don't have to be subjective, because at least there are some creative ideas in the industry, that you can steal from them and adopt them with your own styles.
What ideas? You don't need to copy their styles, and I am sure that none of you want to copy their styles, except you are really huge fans of BigBang or Wondergirl. But in many ways, they are creative to get ideas and applied it in their songs, or their videos. In some cases, their television series are better than their music style. At least for me. They can get something deep in a simple theme, and develop that theme into complicated plot but easy to be followed. Am I their fans? Eerrmm...their girls, yes.
What do you think, eh? - www.edmdroid.com
You can start it with the abbreviation. If you get attention on K-Pop idol groups, most of them are using abbreviation for the group names. Are they? Okay, here is the example: 2NE1 (Can you spell this? two-en-i-one? Yea you are wrong! This reads as To Anyone. See?). Not only group name, the member names also often use the abbreviation. This may looks cool. See these; GD, T.O.P, or SOL. Do you think that those names are boyband names? Again you are wrong. They are the members of BigBang. And it may that K-Pop fans are having better memory than you, because they can remember so many abbreviation from many boybands and the members. So, why don't you start to make your own abbreviation?
Their dance also attracting
Then, you can choose your color. Each groups have their own color as their identity. This will help to distinguish one and another. If you watch K-Pop concert, you will see the fans bring light stick with one dominant color. So, if you are beginner K-Pop fans, learn first about your idol color, and pick the right light stick. Choose the good place in front of the stage. Ups, I am sorry, this start to be wild, ha ha. Okay, back to the color as identity. Like another music scene, such as black is identical with metal genre or something like that. Pink is identical with girlband, maybe. Magenta for this, cyan for that. etc. Have you chose?
Colorful. I am right about color, right? - bunow.com
Another interesting thing in K-Pop industry is the presence of 'leader' on a group. This leader usually be more popular than another. And if you take closer to a K-Pop concert, they will introduce their leader first, then another members. The last member join will be the last to be mentioned. This is interesting, and you can start to use this method when you want to be acquainted. You can say, "Hey, my name is J.ED (remember the abbreviation), and I am the leader in my class, bla bla bla....." People will give more attention of you. I think...
Stunning, eye cacthing, sexy, what else? - www.tumblr.com
Those are some ideas you can steal from K-Pop. It may work for you, or not. But without a doubt the K-Pop trends are super massive. Remember the Gangnam Style video on YouTube that reached million viewers, more than any videos from Hollywood superstars like Justin Bieber? Last but not least, you may also add a dance style as idea you can adopt from K-Pop. You can dance, right?


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