Saturday, September 5, 2015

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Who Really Uses Technologies?

Surely, almost all people use technologies. From someone who lives in unknown place to Justin Bieber - despite we don't know who's the admin of his Facebook account. Or Twitter. But, I just wanna say that technologies, in its own way have been penetrating - yes, penetrating - our daily activity. Many years ago, Mariah Carey maybe feels a bit difficult to record her songs. But with technology, everything is easy. Same with the farmers from unknown place, a place that you have never though that the place is exist. They use modern tools for their fields, to harvest wheat. Maybe you don't know that they even are using drone to shepherd their sheeps.
But I think the people who uses technology more than other people is Stephen Hawking. As we know, he is scientist, a genius. Recently, he even said that he knows how to go out from black hole. As ordinary people, I can imagine about that. But, as genius that equipped with many technologies outfit, he maybe finds something. We maybe never see him playing Clash of Clans on his tablet maybe, but in their loneliness, he thinks more than all people. 
Since the competition between Samsung vs Apple vs Xiaomi going stiffer, people think that technology is just only about smartphones. Smartphones without a doubt is changing people's lifestyle. And this is really super massive, in whole world. This phenomenon brings new trend among people; people is busy with their smartphones, lack of interaction between people. But that's common. One interesting, what is the motivation of Steve Jobs with his Apple, or Andy Rubin with his Android? Andy Rubin is the first Android former, and New York Times says that Andy's house is full of technology stuffs, similar like technology center.
Technology is made to help people. Everyone is agree about that. Communication technology is used to help people easier to communicate with other people any time. That's why we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Smartphones, and more. Transportation technology is made to help people to ease people's mobility. That's why we will find BMW, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Honda, to Harley Havidson, even to Specialized, Santa Cruz, or Trek. But, in general, technology is made to fasten the people's activity. Says, in Middle East era, the main and common transportation is horse. Or walking. It needs days to arrive to certain place. But, nowadays, with the most sophisticated plane, you can go around the world in several hours only. Technology is made to fasten human activity.

But, are we okay with this? Fast mobility, we really need this or not?

If we learn history of the world, the ancient tribes have their own method to communicate or move to other place. I pick these two kinds of technology because they are fast growing nowadays. Have you ever heard about telepathy and teleportation? I am sure you have. Are those real? Yes, they are real, you can find in certain places, not only in Hollywood movies. But most people are not believe with them. And who that don't believe about telepathy and teleportation is the smart people, and live too much with modern technologies. I will tell you, telepathy and teleportation are also technologies, but they are ancient technology, not modern technology.

But, don't too serious please. Though those ancient technologies are hard to find nowadays, you can still find them. Where? Not in America - except you have Apache's friend - or in Europe - except you have Viking's friend. Then? Go to Asia and South America.

But, this is just for your information. Modern technologies are still important. Cars, smartphones, planes, are needed to manage human activity. So, learn about modern technology is also important. Many places for that, there are so many college technologies with interesting things to be learnt. Knowing modern technology is important, but it will be better to know about how our ancestors talk with people in distance, or come to a far certain place with only several hours.


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