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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Doing Technologies the Right Way

Again, technology will never be boring for discussion. Human progress on developing technology is rapidly fast. But, is that a right way? Technology thrives in various sectors but military seems become fastest sector related to technology. Nuclear, laser cannon, tanks, guns, etc. Almost all countries develop various weapons to create strongest military in whole world. Tough, in some cases technology still can not defeat nature. And basically human is technology, most complicated technology even no one can solve how human brain works. Can Stephen Hawking explain, what actually happen with brain while human is asleep? 
Mostly, technology gives more negatives than positives. Recent research from ELDI, or Economic of Land Degradation Initiative finds that earth is dying, truly dying now. And human is cause. Nuclear test, war, uncontrolled mining, etc. All those activities are using technology. Oil mining in middle of ocean. Simple example about human attitude; Avatar movie. That's perfect satire that human basically is a destroyer just to get what they want. Burn trees. Kill habitats inside. Now, human is exploring space to find something.

But human can do something for minimizing effect of technology, especially bad effect. But surely, in this modern era human can not live without technology, but what can human do is minimizing its usage. Technology is important but healthy environment is more important. Can you imagine that someday future generation ask about Bengal Tiger, but we can not show them because of  extinction? Tragic. So, doing technologies right way is more important.

This is just a reminder, how technologies can help and also destroy. But biggest mistake is if you are not reading this article. I mean, haha yea, this is just a feeling about technologies, because many things have changed almost in all parts of life because of technologies. Smartphones, computers, communications, transportation, etc. And I just noticed that there are no "the" in this article, except that one. 

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Ideas You Can Steal from K-Pop

This is funny. This is like fever. With all its glamour, K-Pop turns into a new trend in music style. It creates its own scene; but the big idea is the same: beautiful boys and girls. Ups, appealing boys and girls. Without a doubt, the K-Pop members are attractive. Some even are seductive. Thanks to the medical technology in Korea which is able to change someone into more attractive one. But, are we talk about this? Eermm..I think for several people, K-Pop is not interesting, but the fans, yes they are. But we don't have to be subjective, because at least there are some creative ideas in the industry, that you can steal from them and adopt them with your own styles.
What ideas? You don't need to copy their styles, and I am sure that none of you want to copy their styles, except you are really huge fans of BigBang or Wondergirl. But in many ways, they are creative to get ideas and applied it in their songs, or their videos. In some cases, their television series are better than their music style. At least for me. They can get something deep in a simple theme, and develop that theme into complicated plot but easy to be followed. Am I their fans? Eerrmm...their girls, yes.
What do you think, eh? -
You can start it with the abbreviation. If you get attention on K-Pop idol groups, most of them are using abbreviation for the group names. Are they? Okay, here is the example: 2NE1 (Can you spell this? two-en-i-one? Yea you are wrong! This reads as To Anyone. See?). Not only group name, the member names also often use the abbreviation. This may looks cool. See these; GD, T.O.P, or SOL. Do you think that those names are boyband names? Again you are wrong. They are the members of BigBang. And it may that K-Pop fans are having better memory than you, because they can remember so many abbreviation from many boybands and the members. So, why don't you start to make your own abbreviation?
Their dance also attracting
Then, you can choose your color. Each groups have their own color as their identity. This will help to distinguish one and another. If you watch K-Pop concert, you will see the fans bring light stick with one dominant color. So, if you are beginner K-Pop fans, learn first about your idol color, and pick the right light stick. Choose the good place in front of the stage. Ups, I am sorry, this start to be wild, ha ha. Okay, back to the color as identity. Like another music scene, such as black is identical with metal genre or something like that. Pink is identical with girlband, maybe. Magenta for this, cyan for that. etc. Have you chose?
Colorful. I am right about color, right? -
Another interesting thing in K-Pop industry is the presence of 'leader' on a group. This leader usually be more popular than another. And if you take closer to a K-Pop concert, they will introduce their leader first, then another members. The last member join will be the last to be mentioned. This is interesting, and you can start to use this method when you want to be acquainted. You can say, "Hey, my name is J.ED (remember the abbreviation), and I am the leader in my class, bla bla bla....." People will give more attention of you. I think...
Stunning, eye cacthing, sexy, what else? -
Those are some ideas you can steal from K-Pop. It may work for you, or not. But without a doubt the K-Pop trends are super massive. Remember the Gangnam Style video on YouTube that reached million viewers, more than any videos from Hollywood superstars like Justin Bieber? Last but not least, you may also add a dance style as idea you can adopt from K-Pop. You can dance, right?

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Monday, September 14, 2015

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8 Top Blogging Communities for Better Web Traffic

I know, people build a web (or blog) is to get attention from people. In the blogging world, this attention may be called as traffic. More traffic is better, and for some more traffic means more cash. But the problem is, there are many great web out there with tons of traffic everyday, and our web (or blog) whatever your efforts, there just few readers every day. It is annoying, I know. Because I also experienced this also. SEO, keywords, blogwalking, and many things. You need to learn those all for your web (or blog) then keep praying for your luck.

But, if you are a good writer but not good at SEO or something, the best way to promote you web (or blog) is join the blogging community. Sure, there are many advantages to join the blogging community, and one of them is many people will recognize you. And also your blog. Through the blogging community, you can also interact with another blogger and writer around the world, receive good advice to increase your writing ability. You will also know about the trends out there for your resource to write for your web (or blog).

Another benefits to join the blogging community:
  • It helps your web (or blog) reach better pagerank.
  • You will find many interesting topics, issues, and or ideas to write on your web (or blog).
  • You will interact with many kinds of writers and bloggers, learn their writing styles, adopt their style, combine, and applied it into a new style of yours. This will be helpful.
  • By sharing your post to blogging community, you will get more visitors to your web (or blog).
Here are the best blogging communities for you to join to get more traffic for your web (or blog). You can learn on the community. You don't need to join to all of these communities, just find the best for you, and be ready if your blog is quite interesting, you will get more visitors on your web (or blog).

BlogEngage is the first on this list, because many bloggers are join this community and agree that BlogEngage is the best blogging community out there, in whole world. With about 4000 active members join this community, this is a good place to build new relationship with another bloggers, learn from them, and gain traffic. This community is interesting because of many features inside, including groups, chatrooms, private message, and many more. To join this community, visit

Since this blogging community be founded in 2012, this community reaches high popularity quickly. This community grows into big community as this group have good marketing for the web (or blog). Kingged also has many features to ease the members to get many visitors, such as product marketing, private chat, social bookmarking, and many more. To join this group just simply register straight to the web, and it still free for now. Interestingly, you can earn cash for being Kingged member.To join this community, simply come to

Jane Sheba is behind this community. Like other blogging communities above, DoSplash is one of the best blog communities to get more traffic, visitors, readers, promotions, and also backlinks. You can also learn about another writer's style. Visit to join the community.

This is another blogging community with large members because many bloggers around the world join this community. With the huge members, it is possible to get better rank because most good articles here are the #1 on Google Search. Awesome, right? To join this community, simply visit

Blokube also becomes the choice of many bloggers to promote their web (or blog) because this community is one of the biggest. Overall features are similar with the first list, so this is simple. To join this community, visit

From its name, this community is special for WordPress users, but also welcome another platforms. If you are WordPress users, join this community is not a bad idea. Here, you can connect with another WordPress users around the world, because this community offers good result for your WordPress web. Visit for more information, or to join.

Similar like BizSugar, Inbound blogging community will placed your article on the homepage it your article receives many votes from another members. To join the community, go

Klinkk is the youngest blogging community in this list. The difference between another blogging communities is that this community is simpler than others. To join the community founded by Erik Emmanuel you can go to

Those are some blogging communities that you can join with. Just choose one that fit with your style, or if you have much time, you can go along with all communities. 

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

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7 Photograph Techniques Like a Pro with Smartphones

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram allow the users to upload photos on their account. The problem is, if you are not a public figure, you need to get great photo to attract people's attention to your photos. It is not a big problem if you are rock star like Justin Bieber - right? - you will get tons of like with a picture. But if you are just one in a million users of those social media, and you don't have any shocking elements, your photo will be liked by your friends only. So, how to get great photos? Am I need DSLR camera? Or something? Luckily, you don't need to buy DSLR camera or something like that. Thanks to Apple, Samsung, Sony, and another smartphone manufacturers that have inserted high resolution camera on their phones. You can use them. How? Check this list.

Polarizer is one of the DSLR camera feature to get a photo with gradient, a perfect gradient. Am I can get this effect with my smartphone? The answer is yes. But, it seems that there is no polarizer effect on smartphone camera. So? You need a little thing to help you. Sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses will help you to get polarizer effect. Put the black brown sunglasses, placed it in front of your smartphone and yes, you made that.

Vintage photos may impressed you. But, don't do that anymore because you can make vintage photos with your smartphone. Again, a help from little thing around you is needed. What now? Perforated cardboard is the solution. Here are the steps; (1) Create a hole on the cardboard - big enough so you can see something from that hole, (2) Placed your smartphone behind it, (3) Take the photo, (4) Enjoy your DIY vintage photo with smartphone.

One of the superiority of the DSLR camera is there are many features to get photos with various effects. High Key Shoot is one of them. High Key Shoot is a feature on DSLR camera that expend the focus outside of the photo object using high contrast and lighting. Confuse? You don't have to. All you need to get High Key Shoot with your smartphone is carbon paper. How? Point your camera to the carbon paper. This will allows the camera to lock the light around the object, and avrakedavra, you just create a High Key Shoot with your smartphone camera.

Light Painting Photography technique is one of the most liked features on DSLR camera. This technique allows you to create a word or picture with the light. Lightning Photography Technique can be produced by adjusting the shutter, apperture, and ISO. Seems complicated, right? Yes sure. But, this complicated technique even can be done with your smartphone! But wait, there still limited integrated camera smartphone that equipped with this feature. 

Now, drone turns into new photography style. The photo taken from drone gives dramatic effect. Even it seems like the eagle view. Sounds awesome, right? Unfortunately, drone is not cheap. Drone needs details maintenance also. So, if you want to use drone, rethink. So, why are not trying with cheaper one? Balloons are the solution. Here, you need at least three balloons so it can take your smartphone flying. You need little effort for this because you have to create a box or something to hold your smartphone. And a rope. You don't want your smartphone flies higher and higher then disappear, right?

RGBW sensor needs good lighting. Lighting is important to get good photo. The RGBW feature on DSLR camera able to make the photo brighter, even if the photo is taken on dim environment. But, you don' have to worry because several smartphone cameras have been able to take photo with good lighting in the dim environment. I said several, because not all smartphone camera can do this.

There are so many photo applications that allow to edit the photo. One of the popular is put art-frame to your photo. I think that's so troublesome. Why don't be a little creative by making your DIY art-frame? Just prepare the polaroid paper, cut it with your own creation, put it in front of the object and you don't need to use any application anymore.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

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How Jennifer Eve Brings Sexy Back

I am sure that just few people know about this beautiful girl name Jennifer Eve. Sure, she's not as famous as another Jennifer that people know, such as Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Lawrence, but after reading this article, maybe you wanna search more about this beautiful girl. People may think that Jennifer Eve is a Korean, which is absolutely wrong. This girl is the main figure on Mc-Donalds advertisement. About the ads, the concept is adopting Korean style.
As this is still unknown girl for larger community, Jennifer Eve have her own style that can be described as sexy. This girl needs no dance with bikinis, or wearing mini pants, or most Miley Cyrus do to get people's attention. With all her simplicity, Jennifer Eve is able to attract everyone to stare at her. Don't you believe? Check this list about Jennifer Eve:

Actually, Jennifer Eve is Indonesian girl. She's traveler. As she said about this hobby, Jennifer Eve loves to travel to historical place. So, you won't be disappointed about her knowledge. Traveler also be autonomous. Besides the historical places, she also loves to see the natural landscape and also culinary tour. Interesting, right? What's your hobby, Miley?

This point is about taste, and each people is different about taste, but a girl with shirt, jeans, sneakers with the straggling hair, walking in the sidewalk, or running in the meadow, can you imagine the better? Okay, let's say a girl with dress and high heels can attract men to look at her, but maybe she will panic if there are dust in their dress or skin. Different with tomboy girl, she don't care about dust, and she still looks beautiful. Then imagine when tomboy girl turns into real girl. You will be shocked, bro!
Those are the things that you need to know about how Jennifer Eve brings sexy back. Most men agree that Rihanna or Shakira are sexy, but she have to show their bodies, they have to dance with mini dress to make men watch them. But this girl, once again, will get people's attention just with her smiles and character. I think character is most important for everyone.
I have some of her photos from her Instagram. You can check it later, but don't be shocked because those photos are stunning. This girl absolutely brings the true sexy back. Curious of her? Yes, I know. This is her Instagram account @jnnfreve.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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5 Problems with Literature

Everyone loves literature. Imagine if the world without literature. How if Shakespeare was a dentist? Or Leo Tolstoy plays rope like Houdini? Or, can you imagine that J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer play tennis? It would be boring. So, let's say agree that literature gives our live more color, tastes, emotion, passion, anger, or imagination. But, I also agree that literature can't be enjoyed by all people, such as Octopus, as he said to Peter Parker that poetry is more complicated than scientific things. We have several problems here with literature, you are free to disagree. And here the list;

Literature is wide. Novels, epic, or poetry are some kinds of literature. This is first problem related to literature. Girls mostly love to poetic words. When boys can compose poetic words spontaneous in front of girls, trust me they will fly. But, for some girls, poetic words indicate that a man is a player. So? You decide this.


"O my Luve is like a red, red rose
   That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve is like the melody
   That’s sweetly played in tune.
(A Red, Red Rose - Robert Burns)

Like or not, the fact is older language, almost all languages in this world is better than modern language. And it seems that modern people are feel difficult to arrange poetic words. Rhyme, metaphor, or something. It may only rap song that still have rhyme on the lyrics, but it does not have the poetic or beautiful things. It contains only violence, racism, or even sex and drugs. And it is weird how modern people are like to listening rap song than reading Beowulf.

This point have relation with before. Rhyme or rhythm or metaphor etc. Young modern people - better we say teenagers - prefer to learn about technology. They want to be the next Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg. Just a few teenagers that want to be the next Shakespeare or Karl May. Even tough, literature is not as difficult as they think. But, that's the stereotype.

Actually this point have several sub-points. Why literature students are special person? First, language class is not as popular as scientific class or technology class. What can literature students do besides arranging words? Students who join scientific and technology class is building robot. So, a person that in literature class must be through the deep thinking before they decide that. In other words, literature students are deep thinker, love of something from the heart not only following trends. It is indicating that literature students are also good couple. Trust me.

Secondly, literature person is calm, easy going, but still serious. They will not give big attention about what they wear. As long as jeans, flanel shirt, sneakers are comfortable, they will wear it all of time. Never give big attention also about people's opinion about their clothes. And they are serious people! For you scientific students, can you explain what William Butler Yeats means on his poetry "The Song of Wandering Aengus?" Never heard about word "aengus" before? Poor you. 

Third, literature students are flexible. I mean, they can be author, writer, journalist, or even tour guides. They can be many things in the future after they are graduate. Marketing? That's not too difficult for literature students. With the language ability, they can attract new customers. So??

I still have some for this point but I will save it for later.

If you read or watch "Game of Thrones", you will find a character named Tyrion Lannister, a hobbit - not real hobbit, you know what I mean. Small but have sharp tongue. Words are deadliest weapon. If you learn about history of the world, most of great war were happen just because the conspiracy from the inside of the kingdom. Conspiracy is using only the words. 

Nah, those are five problems with literature. If you think that the word "problems" means negative word, maybe you are scientific or technology students. In fact, literature-students can see that certain words can be both negative and positive meaning.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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How to be Unpopular in the Travel World

Travelling is now become a very popular among people. Even this activity turns into a new trend, and almost turns to be a lifestyle. Backpacker, or something, comes as the branch of travelling. Is the traveling activity is such important for modern people? Or just an escape for the very busy time or working time, so certain people needs to go to somewhere to forget their work for a while? As this lifestyle is growing, some of you maybe become popular in this travel world. But, I know that certain people still want to be unpopular in many scenes, including the travel world. Then, how to be unpopular in the travel world?
How to be unpopular? It's easy, especially for them who have bad experience in high school. High school is not like what people think. This is a place that almost similar like Masai Mara in Africa; there is no place for the weak. Bullying, fighting, conflict, conspiracy, are the familiar things among high school students, especially senior high school students. In certain countries, the bullying is even more worst. Just small example, in Japan, September 1st is the first day of school activity, and commonly, we will happy for that. But, for certain people, that day is a nightmare. And in Japan, many students commit suicide at that day, September 1st. Why? Because you are unpopular and become easy target to be bullied.
In travel world, frightening experiences are too much. In the land of mountain, a place that located in Hindia Ocean, where mountain is spread in almost all the islands, too many bad experiences there. Lost in the deep forest, or fall down in the valley, or something else, are like breakfast. Not only for walking travelers, or backpackers but also travelers with vehicles. This can be factor why traveling for some reasons are dangerous. But, human always challenge their limit and like for facing the dangerous.
The word "travel" (is a verb) based on Oxford Dictionary means (1) to go from one place to another, especially over a long distance, or (2) to go or move at a particular speed, in a particular direction, or a particular distance, etc. So, here, travels or travelling activity is about mobility, move from certain place to another place. And it can be said that the travelling activity is a physical activity. But, think spiritual aspect, bro.

Read also: Who Really Uses Technologies?

Most of modern people think that spiritual is same as religion. That's why they don't want to think about that, moreover talk about that. Religion is private. Sure, I agree of that statement. But when we talk about spiritual, it's not a religion anyway. Again, I quote this from Oxford Dictionary, that spiritual means "Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things." While the word religion means "The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods."
Human have conflict inside their soul, mostly in certain ages. When a children slowly turns into teenager, the mind and the point of view about many things will also growing, not only in visible things but also invisible things. Invisible doesn't mean nothing. Many invisible things out there but they are exist. Right?

So, maybe I will say that travel activity here will be a process to the maturity. Human will pass four levels related to their spiritual process. First, when human beings are born. Second, a time before human get married. Third is when they become parents. And the last, a time before they pass away. Can you feel a conflict inside you head and heart? That's the process. Then, what do you do? Heart never lies, but most human just keep silence. Listen to your heart.

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